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Ladies, It’s Time to Get Lashed By Cash.

Probably your girlfriend’s favorite lash tech, Amari has been perfecting her craft as a licensed lash tech since high school.

“I took a 9-hour class my senior year of high school with a professional lash tech to learn how to do a classic set. I then took a 2.5-hour class 3 months later to learn how to do a volume set. I started off by practicing on my family members and friends and eventually started charging for my services.”

Since starting out years ago, the Lashed By Cash business has constantly been growing. She has many loyal customers, and if you check out her Instagram (which will be linked at the bottom), you can see all of her great work for yourself. If you go to her page, you will also see nothing but great reviews and happy customers. However, despite her recent success, her journey has had a few obstacles.

“I really struggled with gaining support at the beginning. I especially couldn’t find many people who trusted me to do their lashes. However, l decided to focus on the support I was getting. I spent hours every night practicing on my mannequin. I figured, if my quality is good then they will start coming to me for my work instead of as an act of support. Sure enough, that is what started happening as my talents grew.”

Though she struggled to gain clientele at first, Amari has worked her way to a strong customer base because of her consistency and hard work. Her home city of Atlanta also has a role to play in her success. As she says it’s “Black Hollywood”, Amari was able to get support through networking and word of mouth through the city’s colleges.

“Atlanta is the Black Hollywood, so everybody wants to support black-owned businesses here. Because so many black students in Atlanta end up going to schools such as Howard or schools in the AUC, it has been easy to network and gain clients through word of mouth.”

Now, as she continues to grow the Lashed by Cash brand, Amari is teaching classes to those interested in becoming a lash tech. Her classes are unique, informative, and you’ll learn how to do lashes from one of the best lash techs in Atlanta.

“I would like to start teaching group classes more often, along with working in a shop. My classes are unique because the speed and teaching method completely depends on the student.”

As 2021 nears, her next goal is to teach 20 classes in the near year. You can learn a new craft and help her reach her goal by taking one of her classes.

Given the opportunity to do any celebrity’s lashes, Amari says she would choose the pretty girl music poster child Saweetie.

“I would definitely want to do Saweetie’s lashes because I see her as the poster child for pretty girls in music. With that said, I know that my business will get a lot of publicity, and I could get some great advice from her regarding entrepreneurship.”

Outside of lashes, Amari likes to critique movies, write, and do event planning.

Follow her business page on Instagram and book your next appointment!



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