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Meet the Morehouse, Pre-Med Influencer Karl-Edwige Beniot!

If you haven’t seen him on TikTok for his Caribbean inspired content, or around Morehouse, or you’re not one of his 23k followers, please allow us to introduce you to Karl!

Karl is a student at the illustrious Morehouse college and is studying in the pre-med field. Despite being a pre-med major, he still finds ways to capture audiences with his content centered around his culture. His content is so unique because he is Haitian and shows his audience an in-depth look into his Haitian-American culture and experiences.

He began his journey of being an influencer and content creator going into his freshman year of college.

“I started Summer 2017 going into freshman year of college. I began creating YouTube videos, then producing Instagram content, and then TikTok’s showing off my Haitian- American Culture. I’ve made a name for myself in the Haitian Community.”

It wasn’t long before Karl began to gain popularity for his engaging videos. He started out getting recognized more often around his school’s campus, then found ways to reach an even broader audience.

“I had strangers stop me on my way to class just to tell me how they enjoyed my videos. I knew all I had to do was reach a larger audience. I’m good with people too, that’s important.”

He is now at a point in his career where he gets thousands of views on his TikTok posts, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Before the thousands of views and followers, Karl has struggles to get to where he is today.

“I went through a period of time where I felt I wasn’t making a big enough impact and I started to doubt myself and wanted to give up but , that would be for only be for a while and I got back up and tried it again, again and again. Staying consistent has been very important.”

While still working towards his ultimate goal of working in Medicine, he does look forward to growing his brand while working alongside other growing brands. One up and coming brand, the Morehouse Man is looking forward to continuing to work with is the United Market. Both the United Market and Karl strive to help other young entrepreneurs.

“I want to grow with a brand that is currently growing as well. See what it takes to get to the top and reach success and United Market holds many of those qualities. It promotes young entrepreneurship, you don’t see that often.”

As Karl continues to reach for his healthcare field goals, he will soon be graduating from Morehouse and will be onto his future endeavors in the healthcare field. However, until then, he will continue to work towards monetizing his brand consistently and working on expanding his audience!

Check out his Instagram below, and make sure to watch his videos!



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