Look, his name is “Who the Hell is Carlo,” but at this point, everybody should know who the hell Carlo is. If you don’t already know, please allow us to introduce you to an extremely talented and accomplished producer.

Remember when Kodak got out of jail and dropped “Hit Bout It” with Lil Yachty? Carlo is the producer behind the head-nodding beat that you hear in the song. However, Carlo wasn’t always working with stars like Yachty, Kodak, and 42 Dugg. He had to work his way up to where he is now.

His journey as a producer started a long time ago when he found out that he could be himself and express himself through his craft.

“I got into music because it was a way to be expressive,” said Carlo.

Growing up in Huntsville, Michigan, this was not the biggest city for producers to grow from, but Carlo made it work. As a matter of fact, the city he is from has a lot to do with his success.

“Huntsville helped shape me into who I am.” As he began to hone in on his crafts, he had to find a way for others to notice him and his work. Basically, he had to create his own path to get to where he wanted to be in life.

To him, nobody really f****ed with him, so what did he have to do? He made them f*** with him. While he did overcome this obstacle early in his career, it was still a challenge that he faced.

While you may be thinking that his early lack of recognition is the reason behind his unique stage name, it is a reason much larger than that.

“God gave me mine.” Simply put, Carlo and his close relationship with God led to him having his name. While he does credit God for his name, he does like to spend his free time getting even closer to him.

As he continues to get closer to God and make beats, he does have more goals that he is striving to reach. For one, he wants to work on a song with his inspiration Kanye West. Carlo credits Kanye as being his biggest influence in the music industry. 

“We both are outside the box.” 

Meaning both creatively and mentality-wise, both West and Carlo are outside-of-the-box thinkers.

Along with working his inspiration, Carlo also wants to sign a deal in the near future. A deal is surely coming because, with his work ethic, which is his favorite characteristic about himself, somebody will give him a bag.

Well, if you didn’t know Who the Hell Carlo was before, now you know!

Check out his Instagram @WhoTheHellisCarlo


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