Working as a producer in the music industry is no easy task. In order to produce quality music, a producer needs to be able to hear every layer of their track being played and mixed. This is where studio monitors come in. Studio monitors are speakers that are specifically designed for accurate listening, with minimal distortion or coloration from the speaker design and construction. The best studio monitors are able to give you the best listening experience, and allow you to work even better.

Best Studio Monitors

The following is a list of the best studio monitors that will allow you to take your music production to the next level. All of the monitors listed below are all among the very best in their class and price range, offering professional audio performance at a reasonable price.

KRK Rokit RP7 G4

If you’re looking for an affordable studio monitor with great quality and affordable price, KRK Rokit RP7 G4 can be a go-to choice. It is a preferred monitor for electronic music and offers commendable bass sounds. The monitor has two way speaker configuration and frequency response between 42Hz-40kHz. This monitor is also preferred because of the instilled graphic EQ feature which is uncommon at such a price. However, if price is not an issue for you, you can go for better options with better sound quality to offer.


JBL LSR305P MKII is another great quality monitor to have at your studio workspace. With an affordable price, this monitor has an impressive frequency range of 43Hz-24kHz and two way speaker configuration. This monitor works great for beginner music producers and has Patented Image Control Waveguide for room-friendly sweet spot experience. It offers great accuracy, strong quality bass and easy to use design and imaging tools.

Genelec 8010A

With metal dome tweeters and two-way speaker configuration, Genelec 8010A is the next great studio monitor for music producers. This is a compact and mid-range monitor with two-way design monitors. This monitor offers great sound quality and accurate frequency response of 67Hz-25kHz. It may seem pricey to certain producers but it is a fairly good investment. It has light weight for portability and rugged aluminium enclosure.

Focal Shape 65

Focal Shape 65 has an impressive frequency range of 40Hz-35kHz and is one of the high end studio monitors. With XLR, RCA input and 2-way speaker compatibility, this is one of the best monitors for both home and studio use. Even though it does not have an automatic bypass function, it has passive radiators that can provide you with flexibility and has rear EQ controls. This focal machine offers prime accuracy, clarity and beautiful designing.

HEDD Audio Type 20

An all-in-one studio monitor for all music producing needs is the HEDD Audio Type 20. It offers a commendable 32Hz-50kHz, whooping 3 way speaker configuration, air motion transformer tweeter and digital connectivity. It is a little expensive but if you have this machine with you, no other machine will be required. This machine is for a well-formed studio and may not be suitable for home use.

Yamaha HS8

Another mid-range studio monitor is the Yamaha HS8 with appreciable features and appearance. It has two-way speaker configuration and low-end response with frequency range of 38Hz-30kHz. It has a very accurate and clear sound quality with great tone controls and decent price. The design of the pair of monitors is sleek and attractive. However, some users are of the view that these are not suitable for use in small rooms or home use.

Neumann KH120 A

The bi-amplified mid-range studio monitor, Neumann KH120 A is a great choice for new music producers. It has commendable neutrality, clarity and accuracy with frequency range of 50Hz-21kHz. With titanium durable fabric tweeter and aesthetic look, this Neumann machine’s precision cannot be denied. Its Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide ensures a flexible listening experience in addition to its optimised bass response. All-in-all, it is a great monitor for any and all studio needs.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it can be said that these studio monitors are some of the best monitors for use by the budding as well as experienced music producers. As a music producer, you want to make an investment that will pay well in the long run. If you get a pair of studio monitors and it doesn’t offer the sound quality that you needed, or has inappropriate frequency performance or has to run again and again for repairs, it increases your work and frustrates you. So, make sure to make a smart purchase and this list can be of use for you to make such a purchase.

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