We’ve all turned a song on and heard that infamous producer tagline, “Dmac on the f***ing track,” and immediately knew the song was about to be hard. From “Lonely Child” by NBA Youngboy to “I Know” by Polo G, the young producer has chart-topping singles with his tagline on everybody’s playlist. Quite frankly, if you consider yourself a hip-hop fan, it may be impossible not to have songs that he’s produced downloaded on your phone as he’s worked with nearly every hot artist in the game right now.

Dmac is adding to the growing list of musical geniuses coming out of Canada. The Ontario-born music producer has had his eyes set on his goals for a very long time now.

How Dmac Began His Career

Unlike many who can say that their hometown influenced them to get into music or helped inspire them. Dmac is doesn’t give too much credit to his hometown for his success. He has always tried to focus on himself and perfect his skills once he started taking producing seriously.

Dmac started his journey to becoming a platinum producer way back in high school when he first got a hold of music-producing software. While it is easy to think that he immediately knew that this was his passion and that he was an expert from the beginning, that’s simply not the case.

“I first downloaded FL Studio in 2013, but I didn’t really take it seriously at the time. I wasn’t consistently making beats; I just did it for fun. It would take me like 12 hours to make one beat. And then I would show it to all my friends at school thinking I really made something fire.” 

However, despite not taking his craft seriously initially, he would eventually become the great music producer that we all know and love today. His love for music led him to take his producing skills seriously and follow his dreams finally. 

Once he actually got into producing with FL Studio, he would look up who produced what songs he liked. His senior year of high school was when he took the first big step into becoming Dmac on the f***ing track. This was during the rise of Future and him rapping on trap beats. Future and his production team helped to inspire Dmac.

“In 2014, which was my senior year of high school, I started putting more time into producing because I had gained a lot of inspiration from the music that was coming out. Projects like Future’s “Monster” were a whole new sound to me. I was really inspired by WillAFool, DJ Plugg, Bobby Kritical, Sonny Digital at the time because the sound they had was so different.”

Early Career Struggles 

Even when Dmac first started on his journey, he understood that there would be bumps along the way. While he did face struggles when he began producing and was working on becoming great at what he does, his mentality on knowing that the road to success wasn’t a cakewalk allowed him to overcome and handle adversity better than most can.

“I understood this was gonna take time, and I was willing to wait however long I had to.”

While he patiently waited for his time to come, he had plenty of ambition but did lack some support early on. As many know, aspiring to work in the music industry isn’t always the most supported career field from others starting off. However, hard work and dedication will always pay off. In terms of Dmac, the place he lacked support was from his home.

“It would have been cool if my family was supportive of my aspirations, but you choose to let stuff like that affect you. Supportive or not, I was still gonna make it happen. If your parents don’t believe in you, it’s because they never saw it done before.”

Despite the lack of support early on, he took it all in stride and continued to work towards his future. Dmac has a very bright outlook on life and his dreams as he still found light and stayed humble through his come up. He even gave advice to others who may lack support from their families early in their careers.

“My advice is to keep working and stop living life the way they want you to, just to make them happy. That’s what I did. You only get one shot at life.”

Working with NBA Youngboy

As he overcame early adversity, he would find success not too long after. As we all know, Dmac is great at what he does and has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. According to him, his favorite to work with so far is NBA Youngboy. The reasoning behind this goes much deeper than their chemistry in the studio; it has more to do with the fact that Youngboy, in a way, helped him get to where he is now.

“Everything changed for me after Lonely Child released on AI Youngboy 2.” 

Dmac also made sure to give thanks to Youngboy’s engineer Cheese for his role in helping his success.

“I’m really grateful for him to be reaching out and giving me these opportunities to consistently send beats.”

As Dmac was able to send more and more beats, Y.B was able to put his deep-cutting lyrics on more beats which obviously gave the budding producer more notoriety. However, you might not expect most of the beats that Youngboy chooses. Dmac never thought he would have picked. 

“Most of the beats Y.B has got on, I was like wait, that beat?! It’s always been a surprise to me finding out which beats he’s got on of mine. He can really get on any beat and make a hit.”

Now Dmac has many number one albums under his belt, but he was able to get his first number one album from the song “Lonely Child” by NBA Youngboy. Whether you’re a fan of Y.B or not, you have to admit, that was a beautiful song from start to finish. The top song on the album almost didn’t make the cut, though.

“The beat for Lonely Child was made like three weeks before the album dropped. He recorded, and it was the last song to be put on the album.”

This is what the star producer called perfect timing. He also gave the rest of the album high praise and said that it is one of the best rap albums of the 2010s, in his opinion.  

Importance of Collaboration

He first started working with NBA Youngboy due to collaboration, and he said that he wouldn’t be where he is without it.

“I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if I didn’t collaborate. It’s the most important thing you can do for your career. Still, the key part is being genuine,” he tells the number one collaboration platform for music producers and engineers United Market.

Dmac explained that people will simply use you for your connections a lot of time in the music industry. Once they get what they want, they leave. However, he claims that strategy won’t get you too far. Being genuine in your collaborations and friendships is the best way to go. 

“My advice is to build with the people you have real love for, and everything else will come in time. Work with the ones around you who really care about you.”

Collaborating the right way and forming genuine connections is one of the main reasons he is so successful. He tells us that he has formed a tight-knit relationship with another star producer, TNT, A.K.A “Pipe that s**tup TNT. Actually, they got their first number one album and multiple number one songs together. This just goes to show far a genuine connection can take you.

What Makes Him Unique

Along with his ability to make connections, his undeniable talent and skills are deserving of a whole lot of credit. Actually, he gives a lot of credit to his use of drums and layering. You can clearly tell that everybody that hops on his beat flows with ease; that’s due to the smooth yet hard-hitting drums tied in with his layering.

Why Dmac Prefers to Stay Low-Key

While you know his work, you probably don’t know his face. This is because Dmac likes to stay out of the limelight and really focus on his craft. 

“I have bigger goals than having 30k followers and a blue check.”

By nature, Dmac is somebody that likes to stay to himself. Also, when you’re racking up number one albums left and right. It can be hard to pop out all the time. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for his friend’s making his Instagram account, we may not have even had this exclusive interview for you all. Nonetheless, he does think that he may start to pop out more, for one main reason, though.

“I should start popping out, though. It seems like you don’t get the credit and respect you deserve for your work unless you have followers and some diamonds.”

Influences and Inspirations

Dmac told us that starting off his career; he had many people that influenced him and his craft. But, as he grew into the music producer he is today. He doesn’t really have many people that influence him right now. However, he has many people who inspire him to stay on his grind and go hard daily. 

“Maybe seeing how hard my friends work, like London Blue and TNT, may influence my work ethic. But that’s more inspiration than influence. They inspire me. “

Next Steps in his Career

Dmac has his eyes set on his future goals, which I’m pretty sure you can guess what they might be. He’s had a taste of number one albums and platinum plaques, but he wants more. Mamba Mentality. Along with this, though, he hopes to have a number one single soon, hopefully by the end of next year.

Outside Hobbies

You can catch the music producer playing games online when not producing hit songs, such as Call of Duty. Sadly, the gaming world sucks right now, according to Dmac, so he plays basketball in his free time. He actually said he could take any producer one-on-one, any challengers?

Advice to Aspiring Producers

So we could just give you bits and pieces of his advice, but that wouldn’t be right. Dmac is one of the hottest producers out right now, and every piece of advice can be useful to somebody. We dropped his entire quote below.

“Just keep working. I used to get told that same advice and think to myself like, “man, there’s gotta be something more than that.” But that’s really it. Keep working; if you put in the time every day towards your goals and not towards distractions, you’ll get to where you want to go.

I know a lot of producers work a 9-5, which is fine. Just make sure you put more time into doing what you love and what can change your life instead of something that won’t. If you work 40 hours a week, you have to put 41 hours into music or as close to it as you possibly can, given whatever your situation is. People won’t understand why you’ve become more distant, but it’ll make sense to them when the plaques come in. Some people hate where they’re at in life but are at the club every weekend wondering why they haven’t made any progress.”

Dmac is not only a top music producer in the game right now, but he is also very humble in the way he does it. From an early lack of support to becoming a platinum music producer. He has paved the way for himself and followed his dreams and aspirations. 

There is no doubt that he will continue to set the music world on fire as he continues to grow his brand and catalog. 


Check out Dmac’s Instagram @Prodbydmac

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