Allow us to introduce you to Prezzley of 48kHz, a rising music producer. If you don’t know the name already, you’ve probably already heard his beats as he’s an RIAA Certified Platinum Producer.

His journey to become a hit-making producer started when he visited his cousins on hot summer days. This is when he found his passion for music and decided that he wanted to become a producer.

“My cousin used to rap and his best friend (B-Flat) would rap, sing, and make beats. Summer days I used to go there to see them work. Seeing him work made me want to make beats. I didn’t like being a rapper so producing was perfect for me.”

However, even starting his career at an early age, Prezzley still faced challenges. Despite challenges that could make anybody question their path or give up on their dreams, he continued to focus on his work and strive to reach his goals.

“I faced many challenges that would break the average man. I came to an understanding with myself and accepted everything that comes with me and my journey. Since then, it’s been up.”

“Since then, it’s been up” is a perfect way to describe how his career as a producer is going. He’s worked with major artists such as Young Thug and Bleu Vandross and is still on his way to work with top names in the industry. Somebody that he would very much like to work with is Brent Faiyaz.

“I’m low-key big on R&B. With my sound and vibe, I think we would go crazy.”

The “Flute-God” and Faiyaz would make an amazing track together. He has already shown his amazing work on one of his favorite rappers albums CEO Trayle. Prezzley named two other rising stars as his favorite rapper and producer, including CEO Trayle as his favorite rapper and B-Flat/48kHz as his favorite producers.

As he continues to rise to fame, Prezzley also likes to pay homage to his home city of Birmingham, Alabama. However, he currently lives in Atlanta, and being in this city has helped him to make new connections and open multiple doors for him. Even with multiple doors open, he still had to take the right steps to get to where he is now.

“It’s opened doors that I’ve never faced. It was up to me to take advantage though. If I didn’t have willpower I wouldn’t be here. It’ll just be a dream.”

As he was getting into the game, Mikey Nike and NephewTexasBoy were two major influences for him.

“They never led me wrong and keep me grounded especially when it comes to moving in the industry.”

As far as whats next for the budding star, he said he’s going to become a..

“Super Saiyan God. Just know I’ll be one of the biggest influencers in the world in multiple lanes.”

When he’s not recording, you can catch his reading, investing, or working on his fashion. He’s a hustler; you’ll also see him finding new hobbies that can help him keep making money.

Check out Prezzley of 48kHz’s Instagram and his work on apple music. His page in linked below!


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