On January 20, 2020, the first COVID-19 case in America was reported, and a few weeks later, a lockdown would ensue, and COVID -19 pandemic was officially here. With this lockdown, the entrepreneurship world would change forever.  
Since jobs were closed and a stay at home mandate was strictly enforced in America, people had more time than usual to work on their hobbies and side hustles. Whether you were already working on your improving talent, or just decided to learn a new skill during the lockdown, you
found the time and motivation to work on it. This led to an outburst of people finding new talents and skills.  

Throughout the course of seven months, hundredths of thousands of Americans would lose their jobs and, consequently, their source of income.   
With new skills acquired and loss of income, we had to get creative to make ends meet. This led to a storybook plot of either you sink or swim, eat or starve. With their backs against the wall, more and more young entrepreneurs branched out and took the leap to start businesses. From
nail techs and barbers and everything in between, we, the youth, found a way to defeat tough times. Now, with new skills, we need new customers.  
As times become increasingly uncertain, the new age entrepreneur must think of new ways to reach customers. United Market is the platform for the innovative and hardworking entrepreneur to market their services, and in return, increase their number of customers and their income. With state-of-the-art booking services and marketing services, everything you need to grow your brand is available in one convenient app.

You decided to dive headfirst into entrepreneurship; the next step to financial freedom is developing your brand. Let us help you
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