Now and days, as soon as you press play on a song, you know exactly who produced it. From “Metro Boomin want some more n-” to “Wheezy outta here,” we immediately know from the tag that the beat is going to have an amazing flow to it.

They’ve mastered the art of having a catchy tag that sticks, so what’s the secret behind a catchy tag?


The only reason we know who these music producers are because every time we hear them on a song, it rides. The tag matters, but only to a certain extent. If the beat is hard, whatever tag you have will be memorable to listeners.

This doesn’t mean start your beats with a boring, unoriginal tag that you just want to put on the song. But instead, put your focus onto the actual beat and let the tag come to you. As a matter of fact, some of the best tags are actually created by the artists on the song, and it just stuck. “If young Metro don’t trust you imma shoot ya,” for example.

So now that you have the secret formula, go out there and make a beat that will catch the listener’s attention.

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