When you press play on a song, one of the first things that you will head is the producer’s name that created the beat. From “Metro Boomin want some more n-” to “Wheezy outta here,” we immediately know from the producer tags that the beat will have a fantastic flow to it.

They’ve mastered the art of having a catchy tag that sticks, so what’s the secret behind a catchy tag?


Why a Producer Tag is Important

A good producer tag is how you introduce yourself to listeners, potential clients, and collaborators. Listeners will know who you are and give you more notoriety if they can identify you from a tag. Having this notoriety can lead to an increased following which in most cases leads to more booking and money.

Also, when you think about it, an artist would want to work with somebody known for making good beats. So if you are making good beats but nobody knows who made it, it may be harder to find more clients. This is why having an incredibly catchy tag pays dividends.

How To Make a Producer Tag

When creating a producer tag, you will want it to be something catchy that will capture the listener’s attention. The tag typically contains the music producer’s name and something along with it to give it an extra kick. However, the majority of the time, the producer doesn’t even come up with the tag; the artist does!

If you listen to most producers’ tags, it’s typically the artist’s voice that is behind it. This is because they often say the producers name a song to go with their flow, and it just happens to stick. So, collaborating with an artist on United Market could actually lead to your staple tag!

However, if you are not yet at the point of having an artist coming up with the producer tag, try just to have the tag incorporate your name and “on the track” at the end. Producers like “Dmac on the track” and “Al Geno on the track” have this tag, and it works out perfectly for them.

So, it doesn’t always have to be something complicated, but something simple could get the job done!

Putting Your Tag on the Beat

We know who these major music producers are because it rides every time we hear them on a song. The producer tag matters, but only to a certain extent. Whatever tags you have will be memorable to listeners if the beat is hard. When putting the tag on the song, the best way for it to stand out is by putting it before the beat drops. This will help it stick out before the artist begins to flow on the song.

This doesn’t mean start your beats with a boring, unoriginal producer tag that you just want to put on the song. But instead, put your focus onto the actual beat and let the tag come to you. Remember, artists created some of the best tags on a song, and it just stuck. “If young Metro don’t trust you, imma shoot ya,” for example.

So now that you have the secret formula, go out there and make a beat that will catch the listener’s attention.

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