Today’s marketing strategies are more dynamic than ever. In the world of the internet, where trends and news change multiple times everyday, you need to have an online presence that stays with the users for a long time. As a music producer, you will be concerned about the marketing of your music more than anyone. You can always take the help of professional marketers expert in social media and internet marketing but it helps to have appropriate knowledge yourself as well. Also, in the starting years, you may even not be able to use funds to get a professional marketer. So, getting into influencer marketing is a great choice.

About Influencers And Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the most direct and effective way to directly market your music. There are many other marketing strategies but they are not as effective in the present times.

An influencer is someone who has a large social media following and is often aware of the current trends in the field of their interest as well as the social media. They are also seen to be the starting point of many trends and encourage their followers to do certain ethical and legitimate things. For example, if an influencer shares with her audience that a certain skin cream from a certain brand is good in quality and benefits their skin, their followers will also be induced to try the skin cream. Many brands also regularly collaborate with influencers to promote their products, send them free products for reviewing or invite them at launch events. The brands using these strategies have experienced positive results.

Influencer Marketing In Music Industry

This strategy can be helpful for music producers like you because you can approach these influencers to use your music in their videos and edits. Instagram reels, facebook stories, snapchat stories, tiktok videos, youtube videos and what not, the music is what all followers notice. And when an influencer listens to a certain piece of music, his/her followers will start listening as well.

Influencer Marketing Guide For Music Producers

1. Know The Social Algorithms
Most of the time, you will not be able to directly reach your audience. There will be multiple levels of algorithms that will divert you away from your targeted audience. So, in this scenario, the influencers are vital. They have their own online presence and have an audience that is already engaged with them. So, select the influencers who have a knowledge about social media algorithms. Ask them to tell you their per post reach and not be flattered by their followers alone.

2. Be Very Selective Who You Engage With
The influencer marketing strategy is a good way to spread word about your music and also create a fan base. But make sure while engaging any influencer that they are related to the music industry in some way. They may be budding singers themselves or may have an interest in music with appropriate knowledge of the field. This makes you campaign more authentic and the influencers target the right audience.

3. Be Selective With Platforms
Every website has its own algorithm so it is essential to understand them while selecting the right platform for your campaign. You can start small and promote through TikTok and Instagram. You can also get into networking platforms like ours, The UM App. Our users are purely related to the music industry and you can find and connect with a lot of dedicated and genuine influencers. You can also start a campaign and take it to other apps. The difficult part is knowing which site works best for the target audience so make sure before you spend any money on influencers, you choose a good platform.

4. Music Merch
Another way of influencer marketing is to collaborate with them for launching your exclusive merchandise. These may include trendy clothes, accessories or even free giveaways of your records. If the influencer wears your merchandise or has a part in its launch, their followers are expected to be invested in it. This increases your reach and listeners to make your albums sell.

5. Interactive Posting
How regularly the influencer interacts with the audience or do they have a mutual repo affects the campaign a lot. One way communication or a dull response is not favourable. Interactive audience is always better, they react to the influencer’s posts and pass their suggestions or remarks. You can also ask the influencer to post more interactive posts for your campaign. Like inviting the audience to ask questions, or asking them about their favorite part of the song or any other approach that instigates interaction.

So, there are a lot of ways of reaching out to your audience and you don’t always have to stick with the traditional ways of marketing. If you move in sync with the trends, you can be a timeless producer with a large number of admirers.

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