Everybody meet the hit-making producer himself, Merle, more well known by his stage name SK808.

Merle, A.K.A. SK808, has always had a passion for music and found his purpose at a very young age. As a natural-born musician, literally, he started his musical journey when he was in kindergarten and never lost focus of his dreams throughout the years.

“I started with drums and percussion from kindergarten all the way through Howard and even toured a bit all before I was 18.”

SK808 found a lot of success very early in his career. Post high school graduation, he took his talents to Howard University, where he was crowned “Howard’s Hottest Producer”. Here he networked and worked on his craft until he was ready to move forward with his career.

He decided his sophomore year to drop out of college to chase his dreams of becoming a music producer, a decision that would turn out to be a great one.

“I dropped out after my sophomore year. It just made sense, and it’s working like I was destined for it. It was my purpose maybe for lack of better words.”

Despite such early successes, Merle did face struggles and adversity in the early stages of his career. However, he took a chance on himself, and his drive, motivation, hustle, and talents helped him to seize the opportunity.

“We all have to do things and take opportunities that will help grow your face as a brand and build up your resume or producer credit list. That way, your name gains value over time.”

“You have to gain momentum…… and with momentum building, it’s gone bring more and more opportunities that will change your life. All it takes is one to GO.”

SK808 already has a strong resume as a young producer. He has worked with the likes of 42 Dugg, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Yungeen Ace, Yung Manny, and many more. To go along with this resume, he also has been a Billboard-charting producer with credits on 42 Dugg’s “Young & Turnt, Vol.2” release going #6 on the charts.

Even with notable names on his list, he has aspirations to work with even more top artists in the game on both the producer and rapper side.

“I will say, though, it would be amazing to work with The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre on the producer side. On the artist side, I would love to work with Kendrick first, but definitely, Rick Ross, Erykah Badu, Brent Faiyaz, Dom Kennedy, and the list could go on.”

The hit-making producer would love to work with the late-great Nipsey Hussle, but the marathon continues.

Some of the very people he hopes to work with are the same ones that have influenced him.

“My influences range from Pharrell Williams to Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, Kanye West, to notable musicians like Thelonious Monk and Chris Dave, Robert Glasper, etc.”

These people are some of his biggest influences because of what they did both music-wise and business wise. All of these artists and producers have established brands for themselves that have made them much more money, and music alone has.

“These are my biggest influences mainly because of the entrepreneurial spirit they brought along with their journey to becoming world-class artists/musicians and them branching out to doing other things that became smart additions to their brand. Lastly, because of the, it use of influence to bring the knowledge and inspiration to the next generation of musicians/artists.”

The Atlanta native is very thankful to call the illustrious city of Atlanta home. He says that the city allowed a young black man like himself to grow and succeed in his career. He gave Atlanta high praise saying that it gave him the drive and aspiration to chase his dreams. The connections that he has made thus far have “come full circle” and helped him further his career.

As we start a new year, SK808 is looking forward to new opportunities. This year he plans to get more records and more plaques under his belt. He is also looking forward to business ventures and growing his production team Special Cloth Productions.

If you didn’t know, now you know. SK808 is one of the hottest producers in Atlanta. You probably have a song he’s produced in your playlist already, and if you don’t, then what are you waiting for.

Check out his today, including “Walk Down Music Vol. 1” and “FREE AGENCY EP”, both out now on all streaming platforms.

Follow his page on Instagram and check out his beats!



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