Many people think that if you make a beat that you’re a music producer, or that all music producers do is make beats. Wow—would they be wrong. Music producers make sure that the beat matches the artist’s flow and that the vocals sound good on whatever rhythm they decide to use for the song. Without the producer, there is no music. To be a part of the music producer community, you have to have skills not only technically but also creatively.

What is a Music Producer?

music producer is so much more than a beatmaker. While, technically, they do make the beats to the sounds, you have to do much more to consider yourself a producer. Limiting them to that would be just disrespectful. They are creative thinkers, the studio leader, a coach, beatmakers, and much more. 

When it comes to what a music producer is, though, they are the one who provides the perfect beat to fit the vision of the artist. So, While they tend to get the least amount of credit, they are the ones who bring the beat, creativity, and much more to our favorite songs.

What Does a Music Producer Do?

The producer is the one that brings creativity to the song or album. Now don’t get us wrong, the artist is a creative genius as well, and they are coming up with the vocals and the thoughts to put on the song. However, the song’s entire vibe is entirely different without the—you guessed it, music producer. They handpick and choose the beat, decide the overall vibe and sound of the song by adding different audio mixtures to the record, and make sure that whatever the artist is saying in the mic sounds ten times better when the music comes out. 

When working on an album, the producer is the one who decides what direction the album will go in. The order of the songs? Picked by the producer. The songs on the album? Picked by the producer. The beats on the album? Picked by the producer. The vibe of the album? You guess it, picked by the producer. They literally do it all. 

While the music producer is responsible for the overall beat of the song, they are also responsible for the entire vibe of the song or the album. For those not in the music industry, you do realize Drake can’t sing his love songs over a hard trap beat, right? The producer is the one that comes into the studio and says, “let’s try this one,” and creates something magical. The producer sets the vibe with the beats, overall, brings creativity to the session. 

Oh yea, the way the artist sounds, that’s thanks to the producer as well. Often, the producer coaches the artists on how they sound and what tweaks and changes to make to it. So while the producer is picking the perfect beat for the song adding instruments to the beat, they are getting the best from the artist as well.  

So far, we’ve covered how the music producer crafts the beat, brings the vibe and creativity and helps with the vocals. Despite all of this, they still do even more. They are essentially managers as well. Oftentimes, producers actually own studios or spaces where they can put a studio. In our exclusive interview with Super Producer Band play, he owns a room where he can cook up and record songs. Even those who don’t own studio spaces are still managing the studio. They are often there before the artist shows up and stay there after they leave. They manage the paperwork, financials, and even the timing of everything. 

How To Become a Music Producer

Becoming a music producer takes time but is very rewarding. To start, you will need to have a passion for music. You can be extremely good technically, but if you have no real passion for music, it would be tough to have a career in music production. If you are looking at becoming a producer, the first step you will need to make is to find somebody already in the music industry and shadow them for a while. Learn from them and see how they go about producing beats and what their process looks like. However, if you do not know anybody already doing that, watch a YouTube video to learn. Once you have the basics down, you can let your creativity do the rest. 

In the beginning, it may take a while to make just one beat, but as you continue to be patient and learn more about producing, you will make beats much faster.

How Much Money Does a Music Producer Make?

There is no set number or range on how much a producer can make. This is because, as an entrepreneur, you can select your prices. So while one person may only charge $50 for a beat, somebody else can charge $1,000. It all depends on your experience and the quality of your beats. Also, there are more ways than just beat selling to make money as a producer. Read our “How to Make Money as a Music Producer” guide to learn how.


So, what does a music producer do? Well, everything. Without music producers, there is no music. Music producers are vastly underrated and under-appreciated, but it’s now time for that to change. Music producers are starting to grow their names and build their brands, which is amazing. 

Remember, without music producers, there is no music.

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