United Market 2.0

United Market has been one of the fastest growing platforms for the music community to improve their odds of success within the music industry. We have listened to all the feedback, and our 2.0 version will be bigger and better than ever.

The 1.0 version launched in early 2022, and now the 2.0 version is set to release in the winter. The newest version of United Market is faster, has new features so users can do more, allows new role types, and much more. Features like a new marketplace and opportunities portal are just a few things you can expect from 2.0.

As winter 2022 approaches, continue reading to learn how you and your specific role can benefit from the new and improved United Market.

What is United Market

United Market is a platform where music creators, especially music producers,  and their teams can connect, collaborate, and manage their businesses. Unlike other platforms, U.M is a one-stop-shop for all the needs of music creatives like music producers, artists, A&Rs, managers, and even labels. 

On the platform, you can connect with talent from your city or across the country to collaborate on new music. As many top producers and artists will tell you, collaboration is the key to success in music. These collaborations can help you get more placements, strengthen your brand, and grow your network. 

Networking with like-minded individuals can be huge for your success as a music producer. Collaborating with another producer will give you access to artists you do not have in your immediate network. And while the producer-to-producer connection is excellent for growth, it is also essential to work with growing artists. As MoneyGoForMyles mentioned in his YouTube interview, he loves to work with up-and-coming artists, so he grows as they go. U.M is now open to artists– so finding the next artists to expand your sound with is literally a search away.

United Market 2.0 Features

United Market is coming back and better than ever with the 2.0 version. Users can find exactly what they’re looking for in a beat or loop down to the BPM. After working with music producers, artists, and their teams from big to small, we left no stone unturned to make your life easier.

  • Opportunities Portal- We want to help you succeed in every possible fashion. In United Market 2.0, we have a portal dedicated to helping you find new opportunities. These range from working with multi-platinum producers like Al Geno and Trauma Tone to getting your track featured at some of the biggest sports venues in America.
  • Marketplace- There is now a United Market marketplace! Music producers can directly sell beats, loops, and kits globally to thousands of artists and producers. If you are searching to add the perfect sound to your track, you can search down to the BPM, so everything flows smoothly.
  • Real-Time Collaboration- Collaboration is a must in the music industry, but now it can be done in real-time remotely. When working on a track, you can leave notes at the specific second you want something changed.
  • ConnectMe- One of the biggest requests for the new version was a match-making feature. Well, here it is! ConnectMe is an innovative new feature where we match you with creators that we think you would sound great with. This new swipe feature will help you find your next collaborator in half the time.
  • Team Administration- It’s hard to make great music and manage everything yourself. In the newest version of U.M, you can now assign roles to your team– allowing them to find you opportunities, handle your growth, and much more.

Who can Use United Market 2.0

United Market is here to help everybody in the music industry succeed. We have worked with real people from each role to best curate their roles for a great experience. Our 2.0 version is open to music producers, artists, managers, A&Rs, and labels.

A&Rs will be able to find new talent 5x easier than before. With a few clicks, they will be able to find the hottest talent worldwide to bring them to a label or sign themselves. No more needing to be in 10 places at once. As for managers and labels, you can now use the app to post new opportunities for thousands in the United Market community. With our new role administration feature, you will also be able to manage your talent right from your computer screen.

Opportunities on United Market

With the release of our 2.0, we will have tons of new opportunities exclusively for U.M users. To start, we have an opportunity to be featured on the official United Market Spotify Playlist or be featured on the United Market Instagram page.

Apply here for the opportunity to be featured on the U.M Spotify Playlist!

Apply here for the opportunity to be featured on the U.M Instagram page!

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