If you’re in the music industry, you might’ve heard of an app called United Market. If you haven’t heard of it, then you’re in luck. This is an app that will help you succeed in your professional goals.

What is United Market

United Market is a business platform for music production professionals such as music producers, engineers, DJs, and A&Rs. On the app, you can collaborate with other creatives, send and receive beats and loops, communicate in-app, and maybe most importantly, get paid on time! We help you get your skills out there to get booked for your services more often and invoice your clients on demand.

You can look at United Market as a digital manager. Here you can manage yourself and make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to grow as a creative. Whether you want to create a new project with a producer you connected with on the app or want to handle meetings via in-app communication, it’s all there for you.

While you have access to all of this, you can also manage your day-to-day tasks such as setting goals and reminders, checking your weekly or monthly revenue, subscribing to your favorite musicians, and much more.

The United Market team has curated this app to work perfectly for all playmakers behind the scenes, making a song a hit. We’ve worked with some producers in the world as well as producers and engineers just starting. We did this to cater to everybody in the music industry and their specific needs. 

What Does United Market Do?

United Market allows you to be you. The app does almost anything that you want it to do, but our main focus is to make sure that you have a place to conduct business, send and receive beats and loops, collaborate, communicate in a safe space, and grow. With this being said, our key features include:

  • Bookings- Getting bookings has never been easier. Just list your services and prices on the page, and boom, you’re ready to go.
  • Secure Payments- In the music industry, getting paid can be a hassle. On the app, you can invoice clients for your various services. Along with receiving payments, you can also send secure payments when you need a service done.
  • Subscribers- You can build a community of followers on the app with our subscriber’s feature. Your clients will always be up to date on your availability and offerings.
  • Collaboration- We built this app so that the music production creatives could receive more notoriety for their work. We make it easy to work with others to create more hits, in turn, making you more money. Work on projects, beats, and much more!
  • Sending and Receiving Loops & Beats- You will have no worries about file storage issues. We handle that for you. Send beats out to other music producers, engineers, loop makers, and beat makers. You can also leave star ratings if you would like.

Who is United Market for?

United Market is for those who work behind the music industry scenes. Far too often are the music producers, music engineers, and DJs overlooked when it comes to giving credit. Without these playmakers, music just wouldn’t hit the same. So, we made this app specifically for you to have a community to grow and build with.

We are a platform that is “For the Community, By the Community,” and we stand on that. United Market ensures that the app is a safe space to work and become better at your craft. Our goal is to make sure that you reach yours, and that’s what we’re going to do!

What’s Next?

If you haven’t already created your account, now is the time to do so. Creating your account is easy and only takes a matter of minutes. As of right now, the app is only available for iOS users, but the web version is available for Android and other users. Click here to download the United Market app.

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