In the music industry, like many things in life, it’s more about who you know rather than what you know. Don’t get it twisted though; you still have to know how to make a catchy beat or know how to master a song well, but knowing the right people will take you a long way.

Whether you’re a mixing engineer, producer, artist, or anything in between. Working and getting to know your peers is critical to your success in the music industry. There are producers on hit songs that have never once spoken to the artist, but they sent loops to a producer they collaborated with, and then boom. They have a placement.

I know we’ve all seen producers and engineers on Instagram with like 5,000 followers but have multiple placements in their bios. This is often because they have made great connections, allowing them to get on big songs and meet and work with major artists.

While it’s not always that simple, sending and sharing loops and beats can get your name on songs that you would have never thought was possible.
We get it, though. You don’t want to dm random people on Instagram and need new ways to collaborate. And communicate with others in the industry. This is where United Market is here for you.

We make sending, receiving, collaborating, and meeting new people within the music industry easier than ever.

No more giving random people your number or personal email; United Market allows for instant messaging. We even allow you to talk face to face via our Video Calling feature.

There’s now a way to connect with your peers quickly and easily, with just a few button taps. We all want to come up in our craft, but it’s nearly impossible to do it alone. Making strong connections will definitely help you grown your brand, your network, and your placements.

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