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Finding somebody to do the right job for you can be a long, tedious, and complicated task. Searching through Instagram or Twitter for the right person for your specific needs can take hours and half of the time you find people that are hundreds of miles away from you. We understand the pain that you go through, and UM is here to fix that.

We help find the perfect service provider for you that fits all of your desires, such as price, distance, and services.

What’s one of the best parts about using UM as a client? You get to see reviews left by real people!

When using the app, you can see honest 1-5 star ratings and real reviews for each service provider. This makes it, so nobody is going into an appointment blind or under false pretenses.

The UM is a safe and trustworthy marketplace that allows for honesty and transparency for everybody on the platform. Say goodbye to the days of scrolling for hours on Instagram for somebody to service you. Join the UM today to make your life easier!


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